Carbon Pricing: Taking Over

Taking a global view, canonical carbon prices are booming. This final blog in our series exploring policies that bring climate futures into present day decisions takes a look at a story line that is largely hidden from American readers. This blog tells that story, connecting it to one of the hottest climate policy topics in Congress this session.

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Conceptual Carbon Prices: Big Ideas, Big Impacts

The third of four blogs looking at what policies come across the radar with a more inclusive definition of "carbon pricing". Here we look at conceptual carbon prices, which includes the social cost of carbon voluntary carbon markets, natural asset companies, and the costs insurance companies are modeling for the future.

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Simple Math: Carbon-Equivalent Prices

The second in our series of 4 blogs exploring polices that bring climate futures into present day decisions. Here we focus on "carbon equivalent prices" including the US methane fee, severance fees or royalties, and various carbon removal efforts.

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Carbon Pricing: What’s in a Name?

This is the first in a series of 4 blogs exploring carbon pricing policies that make the true costs of emitting greenhouse gasses visible at key decision points so climate futures are always present. We hope you will find this series informative, thought-provoking, and a source of that rarest of resources among climate advocates: hope.

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Carbon Pricing: What's in a Name?

A border fee draws bipartisan focus

On both sides of Capitol Hill, there is budding interest in implementing taxes on carbon-intensive goods that enter the U.S., though Democrats and Republicans tend to be interested for different reasons. In the Senate, Louisiana Republican Bill Cassidy is writing a preliminary bill, expected in a few months, to place a fee on foreign products brought into the country that are made with more pollution than similar American products.

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EcoRights Speaks interviews Dr. Danny Richter

In this podcast, EcoRights Speaks interviews Pricing Carbon Initiative's, Dr. Danny Richter! Previously VP of Government Affairs at Citizens Climate Lobby, Richter made the move to PCI a few months ago and is working to break new ground as he did for years at CCL. Richter joins host Chelsea Henderson to talk about how PCI is bringing all sides together on climate solutions, their top-down approach and the challenge of getting an effective carbon pricing legislation with so many different political backgrounds. He also weighs in on the hottest carbon pricing topic right now - a carbon border adjustment mechanism. 

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