Our Approach

Organized on the premise that some form of carbon pricing is essential to limiting greenhouse gas emissions to tolerable levels, the Pricing Carbon Dialogues provide a forum for ongoing discussions between a broad range of stakeholders on potential pricing mechanisms and strategies. Most of the Dialogue participants agree that from a broad perspective, there are three essential elements for effective climate policy that must act in concert: carbon pricing, regulations, and green investments. 

We pursue our mission through several forms of action:

Chatham House Rule in-person dialogues

These confidential dialogues are held under the Chatham House Rule and may be half-day or full-day events that bring together our diverse stakeholders and connect them with lawmakers, researchers, and thought leaders at the state, federal, and international level. Many of our participants have benefited from the in-person nature of these events, allowing them to make many connections at once.

Chatham House Rule virtual dialogues

Developed as an adaptation to the realities of COVID, these virtual gatherings nonetheless provide great value to our participants. While they do not afford the same kind of opportunities for connection and side-conversations, the ease of connecting to a virtual dialogue has allowed us to hear perspectives from elected officials perhaps more deeply engaged in current policymaking than we otherwise would have enjoyed, and perhaps with more candid insights shared. Though not as long as our in-person events, the more focused and higher-value content has attracted more numerous attendees as well.

Virtual public forums

Also an adaptation to the pandemic, these public forums have allowed PCI to expand our unique convening prowess to a much wider audience, and provide updates, perspectives, and quality research to a much broader audience.

Participants in these dialogues represent environmental, business, labor, social justice, religious, and other issue-oriented advocacy organizations, as well as both conservative and progressive think tanks. The dialogues provide a unique space where these diverse interests can gather, share information, perspectives, and digest recent events together. The purpose is not to coordinate between these interests, but rather to keep lines of communication open. These have helped stakeholders deepen their understanding of and appreciation for differing views, and gain perspective on where common agendas and alliances might work best.

The Pricing Carbon Initiative is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 81-5245547.

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Pricing Carbon Dialogues

To learn more about the Pricing Carbon Dialogues, download this PDF.