Our Approach

Our mission is to foster safe dialogue, explore effective approaches, and ultimately encourage action to price carbon that is viable, equitable and commensurate with the challenge of climate disruption. We pursue our mission through several forms of action:

  • Convening ideologically diverse stakeholders in confidential dialogues that lead to a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives, the discovery of common ground, and new initiatives for policy and raising public awareness
  • Educating network participants on effective messaging for climate policy that addresses deep seated fears, concerns, values, and aspirations
  • Holding public forums to educate the public about the need for and approaches to pricing carbon
  • Producing and distributing online resources that promote and support the above actions and others who are working for carbon pricing

A prime focus has been our regularly scheduled, off-the-record dialogues focusing on the policy and the politics of pricing carbon emissions. These have helped stakeholders deepen their understanding and appreciation for differing views, and gain a perspective on where common agenda and alliances might work best. In addition, we have forged alliances, established subgroups and spin-off initiatives, and assisted organizers of state and national climate actions.

Our network of active participants include 80 organizations: leading environmental groups, conservative and progressive think tanks, and a range of civic, business, social justice, and other associations.

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